Manuell and Collin

During the interview of today’s two Badpuppy studs, we learn that they have met before… in Manuel’s bedroom, a few times prior, as it turns out. When asked if they are good friends, they both laugh and Manuel says they are “the best kind of friends”. Collin is massaging his own cock through his shorts with one hand, while the other hand is working on the growing bulge in Manuel’s denim overalls. Manual is very muscular and hunky, while Collin is more lithe with a tight swimmer’s build. They get right down to business, with Colin facing Manuel and squatting on his lap. Manual reaches around and partially pulls down Collin’s shorts, while massaging his tight butt cheeks. Collin moves back to allow Manuel to remove his overalls, and as soon as he pulls them down past his waist his already rock-hard cock pops out and sticks straight up. Collin immediately starts sucking on this thick uncut piece of meat, working it for a few minutes. They both pause to fully remove their remaining clothing, and then Collin positions himself to sit on Manuel’s face. Manuel starts eating out Collin’s ass, tongue-fucking Collin and getting his hole lubed up and ready for what’s to come next. Collin is ready to have Manuel inside of him, and he slides his ass down Manuel’s chest towards the target. Manuel guides him down, and after a couple of attempts shoves his stiff unsheathed cock up into Collin’s willing hole. Manuel fucks Collin from underneath for a couple of minutes, and then picks him up and spins him around on the couch to get better positioning as he starts fucking him from behind. They go at it like this for quite some time, with Manuel taking intermittent breaks to tongue-fuck Collin’s hole (gotta keep things lubed!), and to even give Collin a quick blow-job. Collin ends up on his back with his ass in the air, and this position seems to work well for them as Manuel continues to pound away at his sexy bottom. Manuel finally reaches the point of no return, as he pulls out and starts furiously jacking his cock until load after load of hot semen shoots out all over Collin’s face, chest, and the back of the couch. Collin starts jacking his own cock as he licks Manuel’s cum-soaked fingers, and finally lets loose his own load of man-juice all over his stomach and tight abs. Manuel sucks the remaining juice out of Collin’s spent cock. The two kiss passionately, as our spent studs lean back and contemplate round two.